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The members of TWO DOLLAR BASH have been playing together in various different combinations for the past fifteen years. Their extensive repertoire spans a range of styles including country, blues, folk, bluegrass, rock ’n’ roll and swing.
Their intuitive and expressive style and the energy they put into their performances combine to guarantee a great show.



Two Dollar Bash will be getting together in an extended line-up to play at the Cooksound Festival in Forcalqiuer, in the south of France, from July 14th - 18th. The band will consist of Joe Armstrong, Tony Rose, Mark Mulholland, Matt de Harp and Claude Cahn. Since the band members are currently living in Germany, the Czech Republic, Mali, Brazil and Moldavia respectively, this is a pretty rare chance to catch them playing together. The festival combines musical and culinary delights, and takes place in a beautiful part of the Provençal Alps, so if you're stuck for plans for what to do for the summer holidays, look no further.


For the first time in several years, Two Dollar Bash will be getting together in France at the end of March 2015, and will play a concert at L'Escale, in St Bouize, near Sancerre, on Friday March 27th. Matt de Harp is currently in Brazil, so Claude Cahn will be playing mandolin and fiddle for the show.


There is a great review of "New Adventures" in the September/October issue of the British magazine Rock'n'Reel - read it on the reviews page.

The band will be on tour in October and November in Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. You can find the details on the gigs page.

APRIL 2012

"New Adventures" will be released in the UK on April 23rd, and has already been getting some great reviews, in American Roots, Leicester Bangs, and Fatea.
You can check out a video of "Time for you" on YouTube, made by Ana Diaz and Chris Lastelle (thanks Ana and Chris)
The band are continuing to do shows around Germany, with Dalton Stansbury on banjo and fiddle, with a tour in Bavaria planned for early June. The gig listings are always up to date on the Myspace page.


"New Adventures" will be released on September 30th on Cannery Row Records. To celebrate the release of the album, and of two other CDs on the label, Mark Mulholland's "The Cactus and the Dragon" and Allen Devine's "Thrillride", there will be a concert at Lovelite, Friedrichshain, Berlin. The album will also be availableon download platforms soon.

lovelite 30.9.11

JUNE 2011

"New Adventures" out soon !!!
Two Dollar Bash's 4th album, "New Adventures" is now finished, and will be released on Cannery Row Records in September. The album features 14 new original songs and a plethora of talented guest musicians. Pre-release copies will be available at gigs over the summer, and by mail order from this site. We'll keep you posted.

APRIL 2010

The band will be playing as part of the Cannery Row Records Showcase Festival at Lovelite, Simplonstr. 38, Berlin Friedrichshain (S-Bhf - Ostkreuz) on Friday April 30th. You can find more info on facebook and myspace and on the poster below.


The band is preparing a series of shows in Paris, including a date at the Elysée Montmartre, one of the most prestigious venues in the city, where they will support the duo La Chanson du Dimanche. After Paris they head back to Berlin for some gigs there. See the gigs page for details.

They have also started work preparing the material for their 4th album, to be recorded during 2010.

Check out the gallery page for video clips of concerts in Memphis, Grand Junction, San Francisco and SXSW in Austin from this year's US tour. You can also find a bunch more clips on Youtube.

A very positive review of "Lost River" appeared in Jazzwise in the UK, and there is a glowing account of the TDB show at Toogenblik in Brussels on the last Benelux tour in Rootstime. See reviews.

JUNE 2009

Two Dollar Bash completed a well-received tour of West Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France in May, and performed at the Heimweh festival on the Island of Spiekeroog off the North Sea coast of Germany at the beginning of June. The band will be taking a break from touring for the next couple of months, and will be back on the road at the end of the summer.

MARCH 2009

The band is currently on tour in the US. After an enjoyable and successful participation in the Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, TDB travelled across the country playing gigs in St Louis, Lawrence, Denver, Grand Junction, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and a string of shows in LA. Unfortunately the funding for the recording project in San Francisco was not forthcoming, so that has been put on hold until a later date. After the last show in LA, TDB will be heading back across the country, with gigs in Flagstaff and Amarillo before playing at SXSW in Austin. You can read a diary of the tour on the band's myspace page.



At the Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis (Feb 18-22), Two Dollar Bash now have 6 private showcases, as well as the official one, and the SXSW showcase has been announced. Check the gigs page for details. In between the festivals the band is heading to California, where they will do some recording with old friends Rusty Miller and James Finch Jr from San Francisco based band Jackpot. "Lost River" will be released in the Benelux territories through Dutch label Corazong on April 17th, and the band will be on tour there from April 30th to May 16th. TDB member Mark Mulholland's album, "The Devil on the Stairs", is being released in the USA on March 24th by UK label Troubadour, distributed by Koch Distribution, and in France in mid-April through Socadisc Distribution. The Belgian band Inneke 23 and the Lipstick Painters are releasing their new album, "Charcoal" on Feb 23rd, which features guest appearances by Matt de Harp and Mark Mulholland on one song.

DECEMBER 2008 - 


Two Dollar Bash have been selected for a remarkable third successive year to play a showcase gig at the prestigious South by Southwest music industry conference and festival, which is widely viewed as one of the most important live music and industry events in the world.

The band has also received an invitation for a showcase at the North American Folk Alliance annual conference in Memphis, Tennessee, in February. This is another important event which is attended by festival bookers, agents and labels from throughout the United States and Canada.



From October 23rd until November 8th, Two Dollar Bash will be on Tour in Belgium, Holland and Germany. Check out the dates on the GIGS page.


CD RELEASE at FOLKTOWN, September 19th, Grüner Salon, Volksbühne, Berlin with TRAILHEAD and THE COWBOY KILLERS

The UK tour could be said to have been a musical success, but a mechanical disaster, as the van made it 500 metres off the ferry before dying completely. After helpful loans of vehicles first from the AA (Automobile Association, not Alcoholics Anonymous), then from Mark's Dad, we managed to pick up a new van, which made it through the rest of the tour and back to Berlin. Highlights included live radio shows on Leith FM in Edinburgh and Loch Broom FM in Ullapool, catching up with lots of old and new friends around the country, including the band's first gig in Tony, Joe and Mark's native Glasgow, and an appearance on the European Stage as part of the Exhibition Road Music Day Festival outside the Albert Hall in Hyde Park in London. (see photo in gallery - we'll put up more pictorial evidence as soon as possible)

The British tour was followed by gigs in Belgium and Berlin, and a week's tour of Bavaria, after which everyone took a well earned summer break.

The band is now gearing up for the German release of "Lost River", which will take place at Folktown, a new event showcasing the talents of Berlin's roots/acoustic/Americana scene, along with Trailhead and The Cowboy Killers. For more info, go to the Folktown myspace page


JUNE 2008

Two Dollar Bash are about to embark on a tour of the UK to promote the release of "Lost River" there. You can find the tour dates on the gigs page. Initial reactions to the album have been great, with repeated plays on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Ulster.

Mateo and Mark were recently interviewed by Christine Helmeke on the Musiktaxi programme on Freies Radio Kassel. You can hear the interview at this link.

"On the Road" has just been chosen as one of the Top 4 CDs of the month by Music News Scotland, a print publication in Scotland. You can check out their myspace page.

MARCH 2008

SXSW was a total blast again. As well as the official showcase, Two Dollar Bash played more than a dozen other shows, mostly organised at short or no notice, then usually ended up jamming way into the night with friends. On this trip the band was accompanied by Robert "Fearless Bob" Angst, who joined in on dobro and helped with technical matters, and they were often also joined by friends from the great San Francisco bands Jackpot and Two Sheds.

Mark Mulholland's iTunes EP is now available online, with the songs "Don't Want to Hear You Laugh", "Taking a Taxi", "Departure Lounge Blues" (featuring Rusty and James from Jackpot) and a solo version of "Lonesome Whistle". For the release party at the 12 Bar on Monday March 31st, Mark will be joined by Chris Hughes on drums and percussion.


The band took a bit of a break over the festive season and everyone did their own thing for a while. Tony stayed in Prague, where he managed to assemble guests from about 15 different countries for a huge New Year's party. Mat took a trip to Croatia before joining Tony in Prague. Joe hung out in Berlin and Mark went to San Francisco for New Year, where he played a couple of gigs and recorded a new song with old friends Rusty Miller and James Finch Jr from the band Jackpot. The song will soon be available as a bonus track on an iTunes single from Mark's forthcoming solo album, "The Devil on the Stairs", which is being released on March 31st on UK label Troubadour with a release party in London's 12 Bar Club.

South African artist Andy Leuenberger has done a fantastic job on the artwork for the new Two Dollar Bash album "Lost River". The album will be released in the UK in June and in continental Europe in September. You can have a preview of a couple of the tracks on the CDs/mp3s page, and on the myspace site

The date and venue for the showcase at SXSW has been announced. Two Dollar Bash will play at The Ale House, 310 E 6th St (Alley Entrance), Austin, Texas. The time of the performance has still to be confirmed.


Two Dollar Bash invited to SXSW 2008!!!

We have just received the invitation to play a showcase at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, in March 2008. One of the most prestigious live music events in the world, Two Dollar Bash played there in March 2007, as part of their North American tour. You can read an account of the trip via a link further down this page. The stay in Austin led to Tony writing "The Bill Bunch Song", one of the songs on the forthcoming album, "Lost River" You can hear a pre-release version on the myspace site. The album has now been mastered and will be available in the New Year.

Other highlights of November included going to Saxony to play at an American festival in Bautzen and a in great little bar in a small village near the Czech and Polish borders, and a trip to Lithuania to play at the 3rd International Bluegrass Festival in the City Hall in Vilnius.



Two Dollar Bash completed a 3 week tour of the UK, with 17 gigs, which took them from Brighton up to the Isle of Skye and back down to London and the South East, and all sorts of weird and wonderful places in between, and met lots of old and new friends en route. The good reactions throughout this first full UK tour mean that it certainly won't be the last. The month ended with a series of gigs in Berlin.



After a trip to Bavaria to play a couple of gigs and the wedding party of an old friend, Two Dollar Bash came back to Berlin to play at the annual (slightly more than $2) bash thrown by the city's mayor, Klaus Wowereit, in the Rotes Rathaus (Town Hall), followed by a gig in the Mini-bar, one of the last remaining informal squat-type bars in town, where cocktails are served in plastic bags and a beer can be had for 1€. (alas it seems its days are numbered before the property developers get their hands on the building)

Two Dollar Bash will be on tour in the UK from September 14th - October 3rd to coincide with the release there of "On the Road" via Proper Distribution.


Summer Holiday
After playing the Summer Party at Nesow-Dorf on Aug 4th, the band are taking a couple of weeks holiday, before starting work on mixing the new album and preparing the UK release of "On the Road" on Sept 10th and subsequent tour (see gig page for details).

JULY 2007

New Recordings
An old friend of the band, Pieter Foster generously lent them his farmhouse in a small village in the Czech Republic, where they locked themselves up for 8 days with a bunch of musical equipment, and another two old friends, Australian recording engineer Dugald Jayes, and Scottish musician and producer Craig Ward. The fruit of this was 19 new songs, from which the next album will be selected. While on some of the songs they stuck to the purely acoustic format of the first two albums, on others a variety of arrangements have been used, including bass, drums and electric guitars. The album has still to be mixed, mastered, etc, so a release early in 2008 is planned. Watch this space for details.

The rest of July was busy with gigs, with a week of gigs around the Czech Republic, playing at a friend's wedding in Vienna, and a short tour of Germany culminating in an appearance at the Twangfest Festival in Nuernberg togther with friends Smokestack Lightnin'.

JUNE 2007

UK Release with Proper
Two Dollar Bash had a very well received performance at the Wychwood Festival, in Cheltenham, England, which coincided with the UK release of "Two Dollar Bash" through Proper Distribution.

Video Clip

Check out Keeley Brineman's animation on Two Dollar Bash's song "Wayward One" (Album "On The Road") wayward one on youtube

MAY 2007

New albums
After the release of their album „On the Road”, which is available from your local record dealer, due to popular demand Cannery Row Records has now released the band’s first, self-produced album “Two Dollar Bash”, which you can buy on .

Special offer
For a limited period- buy both albums together for 25 Euro incl. postage and packaging, instead of 15 Euros each!! On

Tour news
Two Dollar Bash have just completed an extensive tour of Canada and the States, which included showcase performances at Canadian Music Week in Toronto and the prestigious South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. During the tour, they managed to notch up 34 gigs and a live radio show in 31 days, as well as covering 12000 km between shows. They made it from snowstorms and temperatures of –40 in Montreal, via spring days in Chicago to glorious sunshine in Texas, Florida and Georgia, then up through North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania to their last gig at the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC.
Matt de Harp’s Canada/USA tour diary 2007 find here.

International digital distribution by Zebralution
Zebralutionl handles the international digital distribution of “On the Road” und “Two Dollar Bash” through all major download platforms , f.ex. itunes und musicload.

UK releases, festival and tour
Cannery Row Records will release “Two Dollar Bash” in the UK (release date June 4th, Proper Distribution) to coincide with Two Dollar Bash’s appearance at the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham on Sunday, June 3rd ( “On the Road” will be released in September to coincide with a full UK tour.

Two Dollar Bash are now working on new material for their next album, which they plan to start recording in the summer!!

09.01.2007 - "On the Road"
Two Dollar Bash are presenting their new album, "On the Road" on Cannery Row Records with an exclusive concert at Grüner Salon at Volksbühne Berlin on 2nd February 2007. The band will be also touring in Ireland, Belgium and Germany before their showcases in Toronto at the Canadian Music Week and at SXSW n Austin Texas. A UK release and tour are planned for spring 2007.

20.12.2006 - Showcase gigs at South by Southwest and Canadian Music Week
Following on from the success of the Popkomm showcase, Two Dollar Bash have been selected to perform showcase gigs at both Canadian Music Week, in Toronto, and SXSW in Austin, Texas in March 2007.

10.07.2006 - Latitude Festival, Suffolk, England
Two Dollar Bash will be playing at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, England, on July 14th, 15th and 16th. The band will be doing various sets in different parts of the festival site throughout the weekend, and finishing with a set on the music and film stage.

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